Things in life which I come across, inspire me, move me, or scare me and various bits of my work.


A unique collaboration featuring musicians from different countries and genres . We set up a basic track and then asked various people to add parts , which we have then woven into one big tapestry . The track was produced and originally constructed by myself and Steven watts and also features the work of Rachel Edmondson, Asher Dust , Valserine , Insenso , Bo meson , Linux Jingleman and Ruby Moon.

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Nature Stock Footage clips. VJ Loops .mov files free to use. (No Sound)

Please help yourselves and enjoy. 

These clips where filmed by myself (Jimmy Spaceman) in 2013 at Endcliffe Park Sheffield UK. I used a Sony NEX - VG10E camera. There are no post effects on these clips (even though some look like they have) raw footage. 

It would be nice if you do use any clips to let me know. You can download them in various formats from

Thank you for your time. 

Jimmy Spaceman


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MESON!!! live at TRAMPOLINES (Sheffield’s Free Festival) 2013 Part 1…Watch in 1080p HD